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About 11 AMPS, INC

This philosophy is what we have used since the inception of 11 Amps, Inc as an Agency beginning in 2004. 
The following about section details what we do for our own companies and our exclusive clients. 


We have developed a seamless, intelligent, unified content distribution strategy that generates results and sales across all online marketing channels. No matter where you are in your business strategy, we can create a plan that fits right into your business logic. It’s easy to understand, you can check in on it anytime, and it provides powerful insight into what people are looking for, clicking on, and sharing with their friends and colleagues. We help you adapt and identify new markets and new income streams.
Our approach and process drive traffic, conversions, leads, sales, and ongoing email campaigns. We do this by following our proven process:
Proper Formatting for Web and Mobile
Building a website is only half the battle. It has to be accessible on any device, look good and work properly. Many build beautiful websites but are entirely blind to search engines, lack proper messaging that clearly defines what they are trying to sell, and only work on a laptop or desktop computer. We organize your site so that search engines know precisely who you are and why you are different from your competition and are ready for mobile and tablet visitors.
QUICK TIP:  Google will start penalizing companies for not having a mobile-optimized version of their website. 
Keyword and Copy 
 Keywords, Copy, and a Google Chrome Dashboard. We review all the competitors and keywords surrounding your product or service, build keyword-specific paragraphs and content about your company that generates traffic, then set up a dashboard so you can see everything we are doing every week. With one click and a sip of coffee, this dashboard will let you know what is happening with your company online.
Reputation Management
As an established or growing company, it’s how you react and handle these situations. As your company grows, you will want to know who is saying good things about you and be able to communicate and respond to them via email, social media, and your website. More importantly, you need to know when something negative is being said. Addressing negative comments makes it much easier to convert that negative situation into a positive experience. The ability to respond to negative comments and results online via social or search is more important. We consistently watch out for your brand and help turn all these situations into continued positive experiences.
SEO, Social, and Content Marketing
We then create content surrounding your brand, product, or services and place them throughout the Internet where people are looking for your product or service.
QUICK TIP:  By optimizing for many different channels, you can have better success getting your company on the first page of search engines with videos, images, and slideshows.
Article Marketing
Like the above, we understand what search social, and your audience is looking for and wanting to read. We create custom content for your blog and do continuous updates replete with images, videos, slideshows, eBooks, and other mediums to attract a customer.
Lead Generation
As traffic and conversion grow, we then define specific campaigns to get people to sign up and give you their names and emails so you can stay in contact with them. Your audience came to your site for a reason; let’s give them something to remember you by and, in exchange, ask them for their contact information so you can stay in touch with them.
Email Campaigns
We handle the process of lead gen, conversion methods, and email acquisition campaigns. As your customer base grows, your lists of people will become more challenging to manage. Then we take those lists and build Newsletters and email campaigns that are meaningful and valuable to the consumer. This process provides information and brand recognition, and sales.
Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns
When paying for advertising online, you must identify the best places to advertise that resonate with your customer base. Our process and experience help identify those areas that your customers are visiting. We start with low budgets and spot tests in various mediums. One of our best qualities is finding emerging markets with proper demographics.
QUICK TIP:  Google remarketing is powerful, and you don’t have to pay for it to start collecting data. Make sure you have the code on your website now so that when you start paying for AdWords, you already have customers to market to instantly.